Managing and Tracking Program Details to Ensure Success

Unfortunately, we see it happen all too often – retailers and brands spend countless hours and investment in developing merchandising strategies only to stumble in execution – or never even make it to the store.  As well, many new programs are implemented without continued management or tracking leaving significant dollars on the table in needed improvements, incorrect inventories/equipment, and lack of information. 

Without well thought out plan and project management, critical deadlines and details can be missed leading to implementation problems. Impulse Marketing Co has the expertise to help both retailers and brands execute and maintain complex merchandising programs.  IMC can help  keep your team up to date on all checkout projects.  Along the way, we’ll also identify best practices and successes for learning and future planning.


  • Store survey development support
  • Develop program proformas / cost models for budgeting and tracking
  • Provide program management against critical decision points and timelines
  • Track and manage display inventories across stores


  • Store survey development support
  • Evaluate merchandising program investment
  • Manage against key decision points to engage the right brand resources at the right time in the process
  • Track placements, facings, etc. across retailers

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