About Us

In 2002, Impulse Marketing Co was founded to change the discussion from “buying fixtures” to creating shopper-focused solutions for the front of store.  Our analytic approach to creating a “checkout category” became an industry standard on how to measure and design successful checkout programs.  Today, IMC is the leading provider of insights on single-serve including proprietary benchmarks, category conversion, and merchandising trends.  Our years of experience give our clients insights into what shoppers expect to find in-store and how best to present categories and products to maximize both shopper experience and conversion.

Managing Partners

Cameron Cloeter

During his 30+ year career, Cam has amassed expertise in brand marketing, sales management, and display manufacturing which gave him unique insight into the complex processes involved in developing successful checkout programs.  On the brand side, Cam held leadership positions at Coca Cola USA, Mars Chocolate (Director of Sales), and Time Warner (Vice President of Sales & Marketing).  Shifting gears, Cam went to work for the industry’s largest checkout display manufacturer, Source Interlink, as Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing.  This experience led to his realization that there was a big knowledge gap in how to effectively bring category management to front of store.  In 2002, Cam started Impulse Marketing Co to help both retailers and brands build more effective checkout programs. 

Mindy Asper

With a background in retail analytics and sales, Mindy joined Impulse Marketing Co in 2003 to bring a fact-based process to checkout.  Mindy’s expertise is in leveraging insights / data to support development of innovative solutions and go-to-market plans.   Mindy started her career with efficient market services, inc., the industry’s first big data company working with both retailers and brands to deliver more effective promotions, lower out of stocks, improve supply chains, and successfully execute merchandising plans across stores.  After working with IMC, Mindy furthered her analytic expertise at Market6 this time running product, marketing, and customer teams to deliver innovative solutions for Kroger’s internal teams and brand partners.  An entrepreneur at heart, Mindy has a passion for innovation and working with clients, partners, and start-ups to bring new solutions and concepts to the industry.

Graham Cloeter

Graham Cloeter

An expert in managing complex projects, Graham joined Impulse Marketing Company in October of 2010.  Graham’s not so secret weapon is his ability to shift seamlessly from merchandising analysis to design development to tactical display implementation management – often all at the same time.  His understanding of best-in-class fixture design and attention to detail makes him the MVP on any project. Before working at IMC, Graham honed his project management skills managing tight timelines and development budgets as a project manager for a home builder in the greater Philadelphia area.

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