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In 2002, Impulse Marketing Co was founded to change the discussion from “buying fixtures” to creating shopper-focused solutions for the front of store.  Our analytic approach to creating a “checkout category” became an industry standard on how to measure and design successful checkout programs.  Today, IMC is the leading provider of insights on single-serve including proprietary benchmarks, category conversion, and merchandising trends.  Our years of experience give our clients insights into what shoppers expect to find in-store and how best to present categories and products to maximize both shopper experience and conversion.


The front of store is arguably the most important real estate in the store.  We can help your company create a holistic strategy to best leverage this space.


Merchandising design is often the answer to “so what do we do now?” in a category review.  IMC can create designs to maximize category and brand sales.


Checkout is notoriously difficult to measure across transaction types, categories, and multiple item placements.  IMC provides the expertise and insights to evaluate your merchandising performance.


The devil is in the details in this complex category.  IMC can help ensure plans are executed successfully and details are tracked throughout the process.

From strategy development to in store execution, we are your source for driving impulse sales at the point of purchase.

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